Monday, September 28, 2009

steppin it up monday!

so last week i said i was gonna step it up today is monday so lets do it!

so far today i got 7 miles in :) that would be in 70 minutes nice and steady. then i did shoulders. had a good workout.

tonite i have zumba. for 1 hr will c how the day goes


  1. you wrote that you haven't received any compliments lately.....but i have a few for ya :)

    first of all you look BEAUTIFUL in your picture!! :):) and second of all you are so persistent and have NEVER once given up and THAT is a trait that many people don't have. You are amazing and you are going to get there and KICK ASS :):)

  2. Love the pic!!!! Congrats on the awesome day :)

  3. Lookin GOOD Ana!! Keep it up!