Tuesday, September 15, 2009

my workouts, cardio and meals for today.

i started off the day great! well sort off i ran out of my pre workout so f it right had sum cofee fat burner and off to gym!

i did shoulders and 4 miles in 39 minutes40sec.

i came home and being doing laundry allllll day! im am soooo tired so iam having a light cofee frapucinno ok ok 140cal for a grande but it has a ton of carbs and sugar (even the ligh:) ) but it does taste yummy!
i will post meals when i get back from my zumba class

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  1. Sometimes, the carbs, sugar and tastiness of a good coffee drink are totally worth it. I like to have them every now and then and I treat them as a dessert. To me, they are!!