Tuesday, September 29, 2009

10 miles why cause i stepped it up thats why....

i ran 4 miles from 6:10 to 6:56

went home got kids ready for school

went back to gym 3 miles 29 minutes

went to bank down the street 10min max

came back did 3 more miles

hit legs!

im tired.....and got zumba tonite!

history will repeat it self i want to do the phoenix pfchang marathon in january. i need to start tracking my miles. goal is to do it in 4 hrs . 2 years ago it was done in 4hrs 15min.

tomorow is week 6 of my training and im getting stronger and faster on my runs.

today i had a small milestone that makes me feel stronger i was able toto half way (lol) jump up and pull myself up in a chin up to the bar just one but hey thats how i got started before.


  1. hey! got your comment on my post....so looking to drop 15 minutes form your time?
    best way is to do speed work- HIIT session,tempo runs,fartleks,mile repeats.....at least 1-2x per week. not sure what type of training plan you are on,but if you have a plan that you know how many miles to run per week,then GREAT-if not,just email me and i can give you a 8 week guide to a full marathon,a guide meaning how long your long run should be every week-
    anyways, try doing track workouts-ladders-400m sprint,jog 400,800m sprint,jog 800,1200m sprint,jog 800,1600m sprint,jog 1200m,sprint 1200m,jog 800m sprint 800m jog 800m sprint 400m jog 400m and just for fun add in 200m sprints-
    OR mile repeats at 80% build up to 5x.
    tempo runs-run at 80% for sustained time (about 3/4 the distance of your long run for that week)
    fartlek-like a HIIT,but running outdoors-10 minute warm up,hard run for 2 minutes,jog for 2,hard run for 1 minute,jog for 2 minutes,hard run for 2 minutes,jog for 2,hard run for 3 minutes,jog for 2,etc etc etc....for about 6-8miles (when you build up to it)
    hill sprints are good,TM sprints are good 30 minutes of 1 min on/2min off or 1 min on/1 min off...wow just wrote you a book here! sorry!
    hope that info helps,if you need more details,just email me!
    keep on keepin on chica!!!

  2. Ana!! I am so proud of you girl! You are a running machine! Omg I HATE running - you are already looking leaner in that pic with your pink hat, PLUS, you sound so happy right now! Keep it up! You are in a good way right now and getting better each day!

    How is your dad?

  3. Lovin' the pics on your sidebar, btw. Let them take you back!!

  4. Ana- I wish you lived in NJ so we could be running buddies!

    Melissa - those runs sound awesome...I miss track!