Wednesday, September 23, 2009

i ate a cookie

ok i ate a cookie and 1/2 almost 2 there had been some cookies on my counter since sat am i had not touched them!

today i came home and my daughter made some sf jello with strawberrys .....mmmm delicius i had 2 cups of this well i think it made me crave sugar and i ate almost 2 cookies i then threw the other 2 in the trash

and went for a 30 minte jog. no more of that


  1. NO COOKIES!!!!! I can't even have SF jello right now. Well I could but i've cut out splenda because it bloats me.

    You're doing great! 9 lbs in 5 weeks is awesome :) I need to lose about 9 in 7 but you know those are the HARDEST to lose ARG!

  2. Those DARN COOKIES! Yay for your run after...keep after that goal Ana!