Sunday, November 6, 2011

15th year class Reunion Class of 1996

i went to my 15th class reunion! I didnt really like it to be honest. I hated HIgh school and going to my reunion i remember why. i have no friends. no one was happy to see me lol!

oh well life goes on i did feel pretty cute in my outfit and thats all that matters . wearing size 7 and and 5 jeans right now. me likes. Need to set a goal get down to 5 and 3s

Oct progress NOt so Good

I sucked the whole month of oct. I missed alot of workouts. Both cardio and weights. i felt like i have been in a funk all month . excuses excuses. i didnt progress much and gained a few pounds :( one week of nov has gone by and i need to get it together! Must show some prgress and hope to be 119 by christmas!