Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dear BALANCE please come to me now!

I have been avaeraging 2-3 ....... 16 hour shifts a week. im pooped. Not making all to much to the gym! and it shows!

so i beg Balance to come to me! I want the perfect weight/and body balnace, family, my overtime (cause we need the money) cant i have it all!

my boyfriend and i have started our new busines WICKED AIR WEAR and we have been doing GREAT! check us out please! and click on the LIKE button! i am so proud of him. he is a true artist and we have been getting great feed back on hes work!

i can sit her and say im going to do this and that this and that .........but imnot going to im going to try something and ill update in a few days!