Friday, July 23, 2010

goals, diets, training

GOALS: the goal is contest nov 6 2010 phoenix az 15 weeks out right now. And i will stay with my tainer Kim! i might also do the oct 30 show border states. but i do start traiing with kim aug 10th! i cannot wait for a better me!
DIET: has been good most of the day but honeslty icecream is soooo good i have been enjoying every day. its the truth. and its hot here 118
TRAINING :has been GREAT! 100% effort this isnt even an issue

Saturday, July 17, 2010

16 weeks out! Its gonna Be a SPECIAL SHOW!!

Me Lisa and Mimi on our way to Zumba!

Next show Nov 6 2010 Phoenix az!!

thats the new goal!! another show!

and i want to do FIGURE!! i will do my own prep until 8 weeks out and then i will train with Felicia Romero. Why 8 weeks?? well im trying to save me some $$$ cha ching! wil see how it goes!

i am Now at a great start my weight is 119 this am. goal for next week is journal all my food and no sweets! if i do this correctly and dont pig out i need to lose 1 lbs a week. we have been hitting the gym hard!!! not so much cardio yet.

Hopefully i can improve my ass!

This is gonna be such a special show! see my friend Lisa is doig the show with me she is 15 years old she will be doing teen bikini and im traiing her! She is Beautifull!! and let me tell you has a great little frame to start!

so it will be 3 girls from blythe competing at this show!!! LUV it!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

16 days after comp.....

vegas !!
one of my favorite pics! below!

me Khay (bikini overall) and elena! elena won overalllast year this show. i met a few great girs i will keep in contact with Elenas one of them! Khay does train with kim oddo! she is sweet and beautifull

it has now been 16 days after my comp! :)

as you might know i did go to vegas right after comp. we were there 5 days i was gone from home 10 days total .. lots and lots of eating and relaxing!

ok back to reality i got mybutt back to work and the diet and training started!

Diet now is fighter diet! i have not been following it 100% but i am trying last week i started it and after all my gains from vegas my weight was 124lbs start on monday. saturday am 117. we did have wendys on wed and 2 serv of icecream other than that it was right on. so it was not a "reefeed" it was junk reffed wich iss not fighter diet style . but so far im loving this diet!
i will be posting progress pics every few weeks. i will improve this body of mine! im really thinking of doing the nov 6 show in phoenix az wich actually would put me 17 weeks out!
hey i gotta gets my npc card moneys worth! and the main thing is to not get fat again!

Monday, July 5, 2010

comp pics!!!

my transformation feb 26, 2010 to june 26th 2010
start weight 139lbs comp 113lbs :)
so much to say but i will keep it short. i am very happy i stepped on stage again after 3 years i reached my goal od doing it again. i placed 13th outta 13th ........oh well life goes on. next show nov 6th. was in vegas for 5 days had vacation 9 days had a blast!!! today back to work back to workouts and my start of fighter diet!