Tuesday, March 3, 2009


we had the best weekend ever we took our kids to there 1st laker gameon sunday ! IT WAS 7 OF US MY BOYFRIEND AND I MY SISTER AND OUR FOUR KIDS! they really got into it! we ate alot!!! LOL had pizza wings and a few margaritas it was alll yummy!

monday i called in sick lol tired!! had to cook etc i didnt even workout my boyfriend got us a 2005 tahoe to fit our four kids :) he has i have 2!

so today is tuesday!!! i got a quick shoulder workout and need to do cardio tonite!....time to get bak on it!

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  1. Cool pics! You got a wonderful family :) Adorable kids! I love your new avi and can already tell you are slimming down in your face. Great job girlie!