Friday, March 27, 2009

12 weeks progress pics!!! :)

12 weeks down! although i had many cheats and the last 2 weeks did almost are my 12 week progress pics!
i am HAPPY with my progress and i am exited monday i start my next 12 weeks! it can only get better!
my 12 weeks stats
weight 145 waist 30.5 abs 36.5 hips 39.5 thigh 22.5 arm 12.75
weight 137 waist 31 abs 36 hips 38.5 thigh 23 arm 12.5
k hmmmm the measurements arent as great as they could be they are higher in sum places maybe cause of the tostadas and junk iate last nite but thats it!


  1. Great job Ana! You can really see the difference!!!

  2. Ana!!! WOW! You can really see a difference in your body! Great job! See, those progress pics are a great motivator, aren't they??? :) Keep pressing forward girl! You are doing an awesome job!

  3. You are looking good, remember it takes time, but it is worth it in the end :)