Monday, February 1, 2010

week 4 starts today

today is day 1 of week 4!

i had a good workout tis am! back on my diet ater 2 dyas off of it. i actually did pretty good i was in phoenix with my parents from wed to sunday and i stayed clean wed thur fri and almost all of sat then i had a complete frree day sunday.

but anyways one of the girls that staretd this with me is down 6lbs!!!! wich is awesome! but... i dont know how much im down i know it aint 6lbs! :(

anyways i have nbeen more consistent than i have been in along time and thats all that matters !

1 comment:

  1. You have some good food ideas :) WTG on just being on plan... you have to start somewhere and I do believe its consistency not perfection... and right now you are enjoying the lifestyle and the results will happen... that's the way I look at it... a lifestyle feels better than when you are not on plan doesn't it... tastes pretty good too :) You got me craving banana's