Monday, October 12, 2009

Sunday recap**lowrider show in vegas*** my meals and weight

ok so sunday we drove to vegas me my boyfriend and 6 kids! about a 3hr 15minute drive. kids had a good time here are a few pics of my kids!
meals went down like this
i had a fruit and walnut salad and cofee
lunch at car show
3 carne asada tacos can you say mmmmmm ok so 3 tacos was pushing it 2 would of been better but i had 3 and thats that! and diet coke
dinner we stopped at apllebys
i had the chiken and portabellos sandwich with fruit and diet coke
on our way home i had some cofee with a bit of capuccino
so i can say the meals were not perfect but i tried to make the cleanest choises i could do so im happy with how the the day went cause let me tell you i was worried!!!!
weight this am a happy 128.

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