Friday, August 12, 2011

almost done with week 5

and 2 more weeks till my bday :)
this past week i worked monday 8hrs tues and wed 16hrs. took tuesday completly off and did some cardio monday and weights and a tiny bit of cardio wed although i was like dea from working so many hrs.
yesterday was my 1st day off im geting 4 this week :) so im hitting it hard! switching it up and shoking the body so i dont plateu!
yesterday eating was off. not enough water only 3/4 of a gallon. and food was not enough meals at the right times. or the right kind of meals. but today shall be better .
workout yesterday was 30 minutes =3 miles and booty/lower body circuit + 15 minutes stepper.
Then 50 minutes of zumba. then i went back to do a bootcamp class and that OMG kiks my ass (hint not plateu for me ;) ) then went back to gym with my hubby and did 20min eleptical 15min incline walk @15% and a tiny bit more of lower body/booty circuit. awwww it was an awesome workout day today shall be great too!

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