Friday, August 12, 2011

9 days till my workout and the end of my 6 week training should i do pics or wait???

just 9 more days! till my bday! not sure how much damage i can do but i will push hard!

today i did 6 miles in the am and upperbody workout. pm was 1mile+zumba so i count as 1hr. then 36 minutes on the treadmil 10 minutes of that was at 15% incline walk so total 3miles.

today was a good day with my nutrion took in all my meals on time drank more than 1 gallon of water.

tomorow i go to my bootcamp class! i started it this past thursday it is my way to push harder do something different and NOt PLateu!

this 6 weeks training program before my bday was my goal to not be fat on my bday and its coming along good body is shrinking and improving but it will be alot more weeks well til Nov 5 for show time!
should i weight in and do pictures on sunday or just wait till next friday before my bday???????


  1. great job on all the cardio girl!!!!!!
    how about post pics both on sunday and next friday!

  2. i willpost just cause you said so Melissa! thanks for reqading my blog! you ALways inspire me! HOpe pics show some improvemenet tomorow