Tuesday, April 6, 2010

tuesday update

training is going goood! eating/ diet has been exxelent.

i did have my peanutbutter and rice cake taken away :( i knew it would come soon

today iam 7 weeks and 4 days out. still lots of work t odo but iam getting leaner my friends and coworkers are noticing my dedication once again! im on a roll and i have my mind set on my goals!

7 weeks 4 days will goo by fast! i cant wait!

friday i will have progress pics again!


  1. glad you are doing great!

    You are going to be amazing up there :)

    (FYI--your blog typeface is really hard to read with it being so light ;) I have to highlight it to read it

  2. much better :) I will be 11 weeks out on saturday :)