Sunday, April 11, 2010

my followup update and weekend stuff.....

my follow up went like this...........

kim said: "you are carrying all your fat between your upper thigh and your belly button" (see pics from last see sooooo true!"

this just sukcs!!! i am really giiving it 100% for 5 weeks i have foloowed my program but i know im trying to get off 3 years worth of gaining and losing fat!

so anyways he said in the next 3 weeks we will know if im gonna mke it to may 29th show! i will let you guys know as soon as i know!

My goal is to look ready for stage not ready to start contest prep!

other than that we had a trip to phoenix friday evening to sat am missed 1 cardio . sat went to fair after getting back from phoenix missed 1 cardio. today is sunday im tired and although im suppposed to do 90 min of cardio guess what im tired and i think im gonna skip workouts and enjoy walking around with my family and not eat all the fair food!


  1. Ana...good job sticking to your food plan, but you gotta do the workouts too!!! Missing 3 cardio sessions is HUGE!!! I don't know how long those sessions are, but let's say it was (2) 45min sessions and (1) 90min session...I'd estimate that's a good 1500 calorie burn you missed out on!!! Come one girl!!! You gotta do it!!! YOU CAN!!! YOU CAN!!!

  2. Heya girl, did you get my email about 'the girls'!?