Monday, April 5, 2010

earthquake, family reuinion and weekend update!

friday i got in the am did my 60 minutes of cardio .i was short 10 minutes and away we went to my boyfriends family reunion. friday breakfast started looking like this......tortas df! (drool) and nope i didnt have any! i waited another hour tillit was time for me to eat and had my protein shake!
this is what amily had on sat carnitasmmmmmm (pork)

more carnitas these are my favorite!

kids enjoyed these!!! they smelled soooo goood!

ok so thats my food porn the weekend! everything looked and smelled sooo freaking delicious!!! they were making home made tortillas and ceviche! anyways everyting looked and smelled so freaking good!!!!
guess what i had!!!?????
none of the above i was 100% on my diet and my plan had an ice chest full of food for 3 days! and stayed on my plan! i did miss my workouts sat and sunday but i was so proud of my 100%clean eating!
we had a great weekend it was my 1st family reuinion with my boyfriend it felt great! he kept introducing me as hes wife! and im not but might as well be it felt so good! we were down in mexico in a verry poor area we had to sleep in tents because there family is very poor.....the kids loved it!! and we did sleep very well!
came sunday......we were having lunch and the 7.2 earthquake hit! the kids weere yelling and screaming they were so scared! there was lots of cracks on the floor. another 7. some hita agin and lots of after shoks. nextthing we know there is lots of water coming fromthe ground and then the out side wood bathroom started overflowing all over the whole lawn! we had to move all the cars and tents etc to a dry lot asap!!! floor still shaking. we hear the roads are broke! well we took a chance and left before it got dark.... no lights! so we had to sswerve in and out of street the streets were cracked up like 1 foot! we have an suv so we were ok at 1 point the street was up and down several feet where a small bridge broke! we made it to mexicali and the border was closed! we were in a dark city with 2 cars 7 kids (hungry) no electriciyt and my sister inlaw gas light goes on no gas no pumps!!! and the next border is 1 hr away!!! we sleep/stay in the boarder from 8pm to midnight.. when a cop ell us the gates/port of entry are staying open open all night we ask how far and he says about 10 minutes (remember my sisterinlaw is on empty light on) so we take a chance! finally at 2am we made it across the border! got gas and had our 2 hr trip home!
4am finnaly home got kids carls i ate my fish and went to bed!
what a weekend!
weigth this am 125lbs!


  1. Wow oh my gosh Ana!! It sounds like you were right in the heart of the earthquake itself!! Glad you guys are all ok. VERY crazy weekend - and congrats on the clean eating! I am so happy to see you on track and doing your thing!

  2. wow-so scary! Saw the quake on the news...glad you made it home safely!
    And muy bueno! good for you on the food chica! home made Mexcican food is super hard to walk by...well done! Good for you keeping the goal in site and staying focused!