Tuesday, March 2, 2010

awwwww tuesday workout done.....show date may 29th?or may 22nd

happy tuesday! :)
1 hour cardio done thenhit legs . had a good workout.

im debating if i wanna do contra costa and cal! contra costa will mean traveling 8 hrs yikes 12 weeks out !!! so im really looking more at the cal may 29th putting me out 13 weeks.

goal is to lose 30lbs.

i dont get my plan from kim until next friday so from here to then is almost 2 weeks this week and next week right? so im just going to hit it hard from here to then and get my cardio in!

zumba also going back to zumba i got my scheduled change i will be working 4 AM TO 12 NOON FOR THE NEXT 2 WEEKS BUT I WILL MAKE THE BEST OF IT AND ENJOY MY 6PM ZUMBA CLASS.