Sunday, November 1, 2009

haloween pics :)

we had a great time for haloween! My daugughter was a vampire. For school i painted her face white and she hated it!!!! so on sat she wore it like the pic above ....much better shes a girly girl! My son was scream! and i was....Wonder woman.

We went to an adult party and stayed out till 3am! I had snaks and ots of drinks then we went to dennys for the 3am drunk/buzz breakfast!!! Boy did we have a great time! I wore my comp hooker heels. i felt Sexy! I got lots of great compliments "not many people can pull off wonder woman you can!" awww that was so sweet it made my day. i was also told my costume was HOT! by several people it made me feel really good :)


  1. Oh, girl you looked amazing! The kids look great too!!! So, glad you had a good time. It's what Halloween is all about!

  2. Love te pics! You are a fabulous Wonder woman, and your kids are sooo cute! it's good to relax and have a great time every now and then!! WOOOO!!