Tuesday, November 17, 2009

our car caught on fire

if you loo down at one of my post you will see my boyfriends lowrider. we just got it like a month ago. anyways it was in the side of our house on the back yard and it has hydraulics and one of the batteries explodde er were inside and i heard a loud BOOM! i look at our window and the car is on FIRE!!

the interior is completly ruined and int he am we will be able to really see the damages this sucks. Luckily my boyfriend was here and we both ran outside and grabbed the house and put it out! We are very lucky we were able to control it and it ddid not catch out porch and house on fire.

luckyly the kids were at dance and down the street. wheni saw the fire i opennde the front door and let my puppies out to the front yard they were good and did not run away!

it took about 20 minutes to calm down maybe 10 minutes and i went off to the gym and had my "back" workout.

food was right on track . so contest prep day 1 was exxelent!

i am sad about my boyfriends car it was our new famly project but iam glad and thankfull nobody got hurt and we did not damage our home.


  1. Wow thats very scary how quickly that happened...sorry about this situation.

  2. ah that's scary!! our dishwasher caught on fire yesterday and we had to call the fire department. glad you all are safe though, and way to STILL get your back workout in! that's a true fighter :)

  3. Yikes Ana OMG!!! I am assuming insurance will take care of it?