Tuesday, November 24, 2009

TUESDAYS WRAP.......and week plans

today was a good day got all my workout in and cardio in.

cooked my fish and chicken for the week seperated waiting for me in the freezer!

i will be working wed- sunday 16 hrs on friday and sat so i need to give my workouts wed and thursday 100%

followed by 110% clean eating on friday and sat 16 hr shifts are hard. you get bored and you wanna eat!

thanks giving will be easy im working so no thanksgiving dinner for me wich is just fine!!! no cooking no eating and hubby is going to hes moms and kids are out of town. plain and simple


  1. I am working on Turkey Day too. Kinda sucks but at least it is time and a half pay. There will be LOTS of junk food/good food around me. So I have to be 110% as well.

    16 hour days are killer! Love your comp pics on the side.

  2. You look great and I'm interested in following you as you train for this show.

  3. Hey Ana!! I am just seeing how you are doing - I have been MIA from blogger too. Hope you are stickin' to it! I always worry when a fellow competitor goes off the grid, lol. I am looking forward to seeing your progress/stats. Chime in girl!! 8 weeks left? 9? you are gonna have that body back - bigger and better than ever! WOO!