Wednesday, August 26, 2009

wed bad food folowed by great workout

i just hope i burned up what i ate
so my day was going fine till i had what will call an "emotional breakdown" yeahhhhh anyways meal 1 post workout went great meal 2 great meal 3 not so great....i was upset pist and
i had a small bowl of cheetos with chile and lemon ....they are evil jalapeno cheetos dont try them!!!!!
and i followed it with 3 home made pizzas made with those flat bread thing i had bought and plenty of mozzarella cheese. the end
so workouts today were
50minutes of cardio this am =5miles
folllowed by chest workout bout 45minutes or so
tonite i did 20 mites on stepper
10minute mile
zumba class 1hr
followed bu 2 mile run 20 minutes
im gonna have a protein shake and hit the sack. so anyways thats a few hrs of exercise.

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