Wednesday, May 27, 2009


k i weight myself last nite an i shouldaaaa listend!!!! my weight last nite was 134 only 1 lbd down from last weight in!!! i was soooooo sad and upset.

i do not wanna have high body fat! i dont want to be a big fat thin person and i dont wanna have love handles

so weight this am 131 ill take it and scale is going bak up at attic.


  1. ARG! I hate that feeling where you know you've been doing well and not losing as much as you thought. Throw that scale back up there girl - you don't need it. I'm sure your body is still making it's changes, maybe you're still losing fat- how are you feeling/looking/clothes fitting?

  2. Hey girl! You're doing great! Becca is right, your body is making changes, just not in weight as much. Stay focused and keep positive. Change your "I DONT want this and I DONT want that" to " I WANT THIS AND I'M GOING TO HAVE THAT". Keep it positive girl! You're on your way! :)