Thursday, February 5, 2009

133lbs :)

my weight today is 133! diet is going great i figure if the pounds are coming off the fat HAS! to come off eventually

i have heard it a million times do weights before cardio!!! finally i decided that is what i am going to do im hoping for some muscle gains with dome fat loss

i did chest and bis today! i was at the gym by 620 i got back home by 730 got kids off to school and hit cardio for 50 minutes i am trying to not plateu so i try to do different cardio and diffrent speeds all the time. today i started 2 miles then 10 min on bike and i actually used the resistance :) then i did 10 min eleptica finished off with another mile.

i bought smaller work pants! sure the one i was in were my fat pants but heyyyyy im down to 31s i have to wear dickies to work. i still have my 28s from 1.5 years ago so lets see when they fit!


  1. Hey girl, congrats on all the progress! I'm so excited for you :) You should try some Tabata if you want to mix up your cardio and bump up the fat loss ;) Of course after your lifting. I have been doing some different stuff as i get really bored with the cardio on the machines. I did like 10 mins of some squats thrusts and jumping jacks and then 10 mins of jogging on the treadmill.