Friday, July 23, 2010

goals, diets, training

GOALS: the goal is contest nov 6 2010 phoenix az 15 weeks out right now. And i will stay with my tainer Kim! i might also do the oct 30 show border states. but i do start traiing with kim aug 10th! i cannot wait for a better me!
DIET: has been good most of the day but honeslty icecream is soooo good i have been enjoying every day. its the truth. and its hot here 118
TRAINING :has been GREAT! 100% effort this isnt even an issue

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  1. So impressed!! Hi there, new to blogging and loved reading your posts! I'm in Phx and will have to see you at your comp!!!! how are are going to be great!!! Keep it up...helps me stay motivated!! lol