Saturday, July 17, 2010

16 weeks out! Its gonna Be a SPECIAL SHOW!!

Me Lisa and Mimi on our way to Zumba!

Next show Nov 6 2010 Phoenix az!!

thats the new goal!! another show!

and i want to do FIGURE!! i will do my own prep until 8 weeks out and then i will train with Felicia Romero. Why 8 weeks?? well im trying to save me some $$$ cha ching! wil see how it goes!

i am Now at a great start my weight is 119 this am. goal for next week is journal all my food and no sweets! if i do this correctly and dont pig out i need to lose 1 lbs a week. we have been hitting the gym hard!!! not so much cardio yet.

Hopefully i can improve my ass!

This is gonna be such a special show! see my friend Lisa is doig the show with me she is 15 years old she will be doing teen bikini and im traiing her! She is Beautifull!! and let me tell you has a great little frame to start!

so it will be 3 girls from blythe competing at this show!!! LUV it!


  1. Wow! This is awesome...a 15 year old in teen bikini..You are going to have so much fun! And what a wonderful example to your 15 year old friend.

  2. Best wishes for your prep Ana Enjoy : )

  3. I am oh soooo excited to do this Ana! thanks for everyhting! =) iam looking forward to this journey! =) whoooo diet starts monday! lol. gotta hit it hard! lol. my pics today motivated me soo much! i wanna look 100x better! and i will work for that! =) love ya girl!

  4. Ana--sounds wonderful...and back to figure too? Great! Cant wait to follow along with you again :) And i will be competing the week after you :)

  5. You look great already! Good job!

  6. 16! Good luck girl! You're in a great starting place!

  7. oh wow Ana! Best wishes to you girl. Your lucky to have a friend join you in this journey. I love seeing teenagers get up on that stage. You are setting a great example for her. xo