Sunday, July 11, 2010

16 days after comp.....

vegas !!
one of my favorite pics! below!

me Khay (bikini overall) and elena! elena won overalllast year this show. i met a few great girs i will keep in contact with Elenas one of them! Khay does train with kim oddo! she is sweet and beautifull

it has now been 16 days after my comp! :)

as you might know i did go to vegas right after comp. we were there 5 days i was gone from home 10 days total .. lots and lots of eating and relaxing!

ok back to reality i got mybutt back to work and the diet and training started!

Diet now is fighter diet! i have not been following it 100% but i am trying last week i started it and after all my gains from vegas my weight was 124lbs start on monday. saturday am 117. we did have wendys on wed and 2 serv of icecream other than that it was right on. so it was not a "reefeed" it was junk reffed wich iss not fighter diet style . but so far im loving this diet!
i will be posting progress pics every few weeks. i will improve this body of mine! im really thinking of doing the nov 6 show in phoenix az wich actually would put me 17 weeks out!
hey i gotta gets my npc card moneys worth! and the main thing is to not get fat again!

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  1. You always do so well, this will be a breeze for you Rockstar!