Thursday, May 13, 2010



PEOPLE LOVE sabotaging for themselves. You eat clean and exercise and then when you get somewhat close to your so called perfect shape you CHEAT. You blow your diet. So you can start over again. This is a defense mechanism. By never accomplishing your goals you stay comfortably in your comfort zone. It’s pressure up on the top, if you reach your all time super body then you will want to keep it and that takes work.

Self sabotage is what makes you average instead of exceptional. And I don’t know what the love for gaining and losing weight nonstop comes from, I sure never had it. But it’s such a waste of time!!! Why spend all that time on cardio machines and diet like a maniac just to blow it when you are unmotivated? How hungry can you be, right? You are not starving! You get meals daily.

It must be a lack of insight. It must be a lack of understanding that makes you all fail when it comes to reaching your fitness goals. Or maybe it’s a chosen attitude? Maybe you don’t really want to, it’s more a fantasy? What do I know?

But one thing I know is right and it’s the fact you get what you put in.


  1. See!!! That is me :) Why do i do it?? I piss myself off too! LOL!

  2. Wow. That totally hits home with me. I read her post on the subject yesterday. So many people have entire cheat days when just a cheat meal could take 10 hours of cardio to burn off!