Tuesday, May 11, 2010

46 days till show time and some breast aug $$$$

quick update i had a great great!!! mothers day with my man my children and my family!!!

also had a great weekend workout with lizzy bootcamp and sprints nice!!!

went to the grocery store had a nice full basket well not realy but i went to use my atm and had no money how emberrasing!!! so why am i telling you hmmm i dont know :) yet ......i do have a check that i havent cashed and im not going too because it is my bonus money. i usually use this as vacation money but this year its gonna be breast aug money :)

so any one have any advice experience about boob job???

anyways i hope this month i drop some lbs really need to be alot closer by june 1st cause there will only be 3 weeks left after that!

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