Wednesday, January 13, 2010

question about deadlifts and squats???

i just added deadlifts and squats to my routine yup i have never really done alot of squats with barbell only some on smith machine and not maxed out. so i decided new workout new exercises!

so my ? is when doing my squats the barbell is 45lbs right and i add the amount of weight so thats normally the amount every one is talkiing about right? i know it sounds like a dumb ? also how do you preffere to squat? free style barbell or smith machine! free style is very challeneging for me and i am still very weak because i never do them i usually leg press! any tips on tis is greatly appreaciated
on deadlifts well ive done them with dumbells. but now im gonna start with barbell. i got to 60lbs wich was 30lbs on each side plus barbell 45lbs right?? only 75lbs and my wrist was givving out i felt i could lift it but it was hard onmy hands/ wrist. any tips would be great!
so anyways im exited to see what new results my new exercises will give me :) i hope to someday be able to squat ALOT! hehehhe
the picture above was from the quinceanera we went to. me and my babe so i tjought i would share!


  1. Hey Ana!! Great pic, BTW!
    Yes, when people say how much they squat, they are typically including the weight of the bar. I like doing free squats in the rack but they're challenging for me as well. I do them sometimes in the beginning of my leg day before my legs get tired or fagtigued. My main thing with them is I am wobbly and feel unsafe, so I cannot do NEAR as much weight as I do on the smith machine. They are good for you though, and work your whole body/core so stick to them!!

    Have a great day hun!!

  2. the barbell+whatever weight you add is the weight that you are lifting.

    when starting exercises like deadlifts and squats, make sure someone who KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE DOING watches you to make sure your form is correct. bad form will result in injuries. Also, don't lift more than you are comfortable with especially when first starting.

    good luck! i prefer free weight squats. it recruits more stabilizer muscles than the smith machine

  3. correct form is more important than the weight.Your wrists should not hurt. Make sure your back is arched and your core is swithched on.Get a trainer to watch you.I know some girls do lift very heavy, i dont think it is nessarsay, I dont lift heavy.good luck

  4. Hi Ana,

    My name is Rae and I'm from Australia. I was hopping around on my friend's blogs this morning and saw a link to yours, so thought I would pop in and say "hi"!!

    I do both free and smith machine squats. It's good to keep changing it up a bit.

    As for your wrist, if it's because you have a weak grip and not because your technique is off, I would suggest getting yourself some lifting straps like these. If you're unsure about how to wrap the lifting straps around the bar and haven't got anyone who can show you, then you would probably be best going for something like lifting hooks.

    Hope this has helped some... have a fantastic day!! :)