Saturday, October 15, 2011

13 weeks of progress with pics :)

13 weeks apart July 17,2011 Oct 15,2011

13 weeks ago I started my "transformation" again. AGAIN yes every year i lose it every year i gain it ALLL back. So 6 weeks before my bday i said i didnt want to be fat for my birthday and started my training hard again . Its been 13 weeks since that .

Weekly pics are so boring and depressing at times when i cant see the changes.

the week was good execpt i had one day that i had way to many almonds and a bowl of cereal. it seems that i keep having a 100% week followed by a not 100% week. i have been kicking ass on my workouts.

17 weeks out till feb show!


  1. great progress girl!!!
    keep at it!!!!!!!!

  2. BIG changes!!! You are working hard. The best is yet to come so keep going strong ;)

  3. looking good - def see some great changes - whats your diet like?

  4. Awesome Ana! I hate the weekly thing to but I guess it's necessary for the coaches. They see what we can't :)

  5. Ana, you look absolutely AMAZING!!I see big changes. Think about were you started and where you are now.
    Keep going. We all have moments of weakness. I know I've had too many of them a time or two. ;)

  6. I definitely see some great changes. Keep up the great work!!

  7. I see huge changes girl!!! I too have similar reactions to doing weekly's. How do you love bombshell training? I love it, and the diet is so doable... I don't think there will be as much of a rebound with this diet because I find it fitting into my life quite nicely, I don't feel deprived... I'm more organized with meal planning, and I get to cheat regularly :)