Friday, September 23, 2011

3 weeks done! 20 weeks out!

week 3 completed i had NO cheats! weight was 128 this am and 127.6 at doctors office!

OOOOH yeah! i dont think pics from last week to this week are very different but I am feeling more amazing! everyday! its so funny i feel thin now i wake up i walk to the bathroom "i see abs coming" and then i take my pics YIKES LOL! but i promise they are almost here.

i will be doing photo shoot in NOV! so this is the picture that iam aiming for right now . i have been 100% focused and have hit it so hard! and i have been so sore!!!!! All week!

next week i will compare day 1 to week 4 pics! xoxoxo


  1. yeeeee!
    keep that ball rolling girl!!!!
    and yes take a close look at your legs-at least thats where i see the changes...
    keep at it chica!
    git it git it!

  2. You are looking GREAT Ana! Way to go!!