Sunday, November 6, 2011

15th year class Reunion Class of 1996

i went to my 15th class reunion! I didnt really like it to be honest. I hated HIgh school and going to my reunion i remember why. i have no friends. no one was happy to see me lol!

oh well life goes on i did feel pretty cute in my outfit and thats all that matters . wearing size 7 and and 5 jeans right now. me likes. Need to set a goal get down to 5 and 3s


  1. look at you! yes,i love your outfit,and yes,i HATED highschool as well....lots of mean girls there!!!!
    you look smokin hot,so who cares about any reunion!!!!

  2. I love your hair and you are rocking that outfit!!! How do you like Bombshell? Have to get you focused girl :) Maybe we can shoot for the same show. Remember weight loss is slow in efforts of preserving muscle by losing slower. Let me know if I can help in anyway... Its been 12 weeks with Bombshell for me, the workouts are HARD... but I love all of the food... I've never eaten so much in my life on a diet and still had progress.

  3. You looked amazing. High school was not a great time for me. Oh well, maybe they did not like you because you are such a "hottie" and they are not.