Friday, February 11, 2011

Lat post was Oct time for update and set some goals downnn

Its been along time, I miss Blog Land but Im backkkkk!

Im in contest prep! iam 133 days out!!
iam doing 2011 west coast classic! June 25!
I have to Admit i have gained back ALL my weight since last contest! Booh me ! 2011 neesd to be different for me i need to stay thin! So i will do 2 shows this year!
1 week down weight this am was 142lbs.


  1. So awesome that you are going to compete this year. We are about the same weight right now. Glad to see you updated: )

  2. she's back :) i need to get my ass back on track...i have been dieting for the past 5 weeks...but im picking too much...and it needs to stop! All my hard work in the gym is going right down the drain....

    im right here with ya! we can do it :)